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Protown BMX Camps

Can you imagine being a basketball player and having the opportunity to train and practice with NBA’s own Lebron? What about a football athlete and throwing passes or asking advice from NFL Superstar Cam Newton? Well with the Protown BMX Camp thats exactly what we are doing. You will be able to work together with various Top BMX Freestyle riders and be right in the middle of the action.  Don’t Miss OUT!!!

Who we are:
We are a Professional Team of BMX Freestyle Riders that want to encourage, educate and help progress current riders and individuals new to the sport.

What it is:
It is a bike camp for people of all ages, who may be new to BMX Freestyle that want help with getting started on ramps or for experienced riders that want help taking their riding to the next level!!

What we do:
We offer a camp that will support your bike riding skills and greatly enhance your abilities. We will have coaching that will cater to each riders ability, specifically. You will be able to ask the instructors questions and get help with specific tricks. We will have groups, so participants will meet others with similar skills/age and begin to positively motivate each other. We will offer safety education, bike maintenance, many how to’s and trick tips including using the different ramps, with general skate park etiquette, spread out between the different camps. We will also educate on how contests work, how to put a run together including flow and trick difficulty, and have a mini clinic contest on the 6th week with prizes and awards.  We keep if FUN, encouraging every rider with every skill level to “have fun and learn” Our camp supports setting goals, conquering fears and gaining confidence that riders can continue throughout their lives, both, on and off their bikes!!

What is needed:
We need a participant and a willingness to learn/try.  Participants can range is age, but they need to be able to ride a bike without training wheels. We cater to ALL ages and YES, we can teach an old dog new tricks!! Any bike will do but prefer a BMX type bike with 2 pegs on 1 side, rear wheel is a “freewheel” so rider can pedal backwards and rear hand brakes. We have extra bikes, pegs and helmets available to use. So PLEASE, don’t feel as though you have to go out and buy all this stuff as you can use ours. We will see how the participant does and we can help with recommendations from there. Remember, we are Pros, and although BMX bikes have evolved to tailored machines, we learned on some of the basic bikes of our day.

Number of participants will be strictly limited. Registration is Now OPEN for Summer BMX Camp 2018.  Summer BMX Camp will feature a 5 day course with a new mini contest on the 5th day. Summer Camps will be on M-F 9-12 and rotate between “The Unit”, Jaycee Park, and our private ramps, all in Greenville NC.


            Summer BMX Camp Session Dates are-  June 11-15, July 23-27, and Aug 20-24.

Registration for Summer BMX Camp will be $159 for the 5 day course and include the contest. You MUST register online as we will not take any registration on site. This will cover all instruction for the session, all rider fees.   These camps are provided by Pitt Community College Summer Explore Camps but run by Protown BMX.    Thanks and we look forward to some great sessions!!!

Explore: BMX Camp
Dates: June 11-15 or July 23-27 or Aug. 20-24
Time: 9am-12pm
Ages: 6 & up
Location: Varies
Cost: $159
Registration Deadline: June 4, July 16, Aug. 13

Learn top notch tricks while supporting your skills and greatly enhancing your abilities. Offered by the riders of ProTown BMX, campers will participate in groups of similar skills and age. Camp will offer safety education, bike maintenance, general skatepark etiquette, and skills/tricks using different ramps. You will need to be able to ride a bike without training wheels. Any bike will do, but prefer a BMX type bike with 2 pegs, rear hand brakes, and a free wheel. Also required are proper-fitting helmets and knee pads. ProTown BMX will have some demo bikes available to use with helmets and can purchase at discounted prices.

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Summer BMX Camps 2018,

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